Freelance Illustrator

creating character art full of color and detail

What I do

as an Illustrator

Character art

Drawing pictures that tell a story in various media. Digital painting is the most common.

Game Design

Creating various post-production work such as character designs, sprite work, backgrounds and character portraits.

Jewelry Design

Creating jewelry designs with quality gemstones and materials such as sterling silver and stainless steel.



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About me

Sydney is a freelance illustrator that specializes in creating character art full of color and detail. She loves exploring multiple fields of the art some of which is digital, design and even the occasional sculpture! Whether it be with a new art style, mixed-media, or coloring style; with every creation, she strives for her next piece to be better than her last.

She is highly influenced by old illustrators like J.C Leyendecker, anime, and video games. Sydney is currently working on her project called Pan Atlas which she plans to turn into her very own video game.

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Othellophi - Sydney H.