About me

Freelance ILlustrator

Sydney Height

I'm a freelance illustrator that specializes in creating character art full of color and detail. I’ve been working on illustrations for over 10 years, creating for clients just like you! My experience makes it easier for me to create captivating illustrations that clients have been coming back for years for. Many of them are repeating customers which enjoy the work that I've created for them.

I’m is highly influenced by old illustrators like J.C Leyendecker, anime, and video games. When I’m not working on new illustrations I can be found exploring the outdoors, watching anime and daydreaming about fantastical worlds.


“Othello” as in Othello from the famous tragedy created by William Shakespeare.

And “Phi”, the 21st letter of the greek alphabet, that also represents the golden ratio, the unity of one and the perfection found in everything.

She was originally attracted to the sound of the name and wasn’t even thinking on the possible meaning behind it. After someone brought it to her attention that “Othello” may bare a negative connotations, it gave her a cause to look deeper into it. After looking into both of the individual meanings, the name couldn’t have resonated with her more.

While Othello represents tragedy and despair, Phi acts as the rebirth and the perfection in every situation. Together it shows how one can transcend even the most difficult situations no matter what you have gone through.

The Phoenix that rests on the “O” in the logo is a reminder that after every struggle, after every hardship, one is bound to be rebirth in a new light.

To her it’s much more than just a pen name, but a life style she strives to live by.