Alice In WOnderland


The Alice in Wonderland poster was an assignment done for Illustration from Imagination on Paintable to showcase the steps of a standard project. The challenge was for me to create my version of Alice in Wonderland in a movie poster format. They wanted to see my creative approach to the subject. What was challenging for the project was how they structured each step. I had to do a certain number of examples with each step so I could expand my creativity.

I used my time management skills to split up each section into easy chunks, so I completed them within the deadline. I began the project by creating 6 different sketches based on Alice in Wonderland. The sketch and shape language are what I focused on. It turned out that the 6th idea was my favorite, so I continued on with practicing different lighting scenarios. I ended up choosing the middle one since I wanted to give Alice more of an ominous feeling. I then created several color palettes. The second palette was more reminiscent of the triadic color scheme, so I ended up choosing that. 

By combining the different choices, I ended with a rendered Alice in Wonderland Poster. They now showcase my piece in their movie poster examples for potential students!