Butter-Me Like a Biscuit

Moondog for Body and Soul

The company I worked for was called Moondog for Body and Soul. They sold soaps for all ages. They struggled to find graphics for their products, which is why they reached out to me.

The project itself was for me to create images to use for their soaps: Butter-Me Like a Biscuit. They wanted me to do the project since a friend of theirs referred them to me. Their goal was to create aesthetically pleasing labels for their soaps so they could sell more products. What made the project challenging was how to make a graphic that is recognizable as a primary product but show different scents.

I used my knowledge of product design to tackle this project. I knew the client didn’t want to have completely different label designs, so I stayed away from that. What I did first was create the biscuit shape and then created separate graphics to put in the corners of each biscuit. I chose the solution of putting the scents in the corner, since I felt it was the most aesthetically pleasing way to show a subset of the product and I’ve seen it illustrated like that before. The results were labels that the client was very happy with! They even worked with me to redesign their logo.