New Class Series: Color Mastery in Photoshop! Level 1 Released!

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Choosing colors in Photoshop is always tricky for a beginner to digital painting. Compared to traditional painting, you have a much wider color selection and more methods to add color to your piece. In my Color Mastery in Photoshop series, I’m going to break it down into levels so you can better understand color theory in a digital setting. Not only will you have a better idea on how to select your colors, you will receive tools, exercises and ways to apply these techniques to your paintings. I will start by explaining the bare bones of color theory and gradually teach you more complex topics such as color weight and harmonies. In the advanced levels, I will even touch base on layer modes and how certain colors effect them. This is definitely a series you don’t want to miss!

Come check out Level 1 of Color Mastery in Photoshop here!