New Skillshare Class // Digital Illustration : Sketching Tips and Tricks

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Hi everyone!
After a whole month of working on it, I finally finished my class on Skillshare!

For this class you will need a graphics tablet (or tablet with pen stylus)!

Are you curious about getting into digital illustration but don’t where to start? Are you a seasoned artist wanting to streamline your workflow by completely digitizing your process? Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, I can teach you some new tips and tricks. This is just the class for you!

In this class I will explain my process on how to transform a digital sketch into a refined line art ready for color. We will start by going over useful tools that make digital sketching easier, then we will dive into the ways that make the illustration process a lot smoother. We will explore new ways to generate ideas, create inspiration boards, take references, refine composition and safely edit your refined piece.

Enroll now and follow along to take your first step in the digital world!

PLEASE NOTE: In this class I will be using Adobe Photoshop during my process but most of these tips and tricks can be replicated in other digital painting programs.