Resources for Beginners and Professionals Alike

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Lately I’ve been coming across some really amazing resource materials. They are not only useful for beginner artists but professionals as well!

Granted not all of the items on this list are free but I deem them highly worth it! Most of them have great promotions going on so you don’t want to miss them! I’m not getting paid in any way for endorsing these products, I just really LOVE them and didn’t want you all to miss an opportunity to add them to your toolkit!

(Paid) Portrait Studio by Istebrak 

  • This program is literally one of the best reference software I’ve seen in a while and one that I use extensively. Not only is it able to pose models in 3d, it also makes creating lighting references a piece of cake. It even has a portrait mode where you can fully customize the face! If you don’t get anything else on this list, I highly recommend you get this one. Plus it’s currently 50% off. Get an idea of what it does HERE!

(Paid) Grut Brushes

  • If your one that likes traditional media or likes to add a little texture to your painting this brush set is for you! For only $20, you can get 350+ brushes that have everything from oil painting to watercolor and even unique pencils! It’s a pretty good deal and these are also brushes I keep on hand, especially when I want to add some grit to my drawings. I featured this brush set in my latest class “Develop Your Own Unique Style”

(Free / Paid) Cube Brush

  • Cube Brush is a fantastic platform where artists can publish brushes and materials online. Some of them are free and some are paid. Here’s a few of my personal favorites: ( one / two / three )

(Free) KNKL/ Kienan Lafferty Brush Sets ( one / two )

  • While I still use my own personal brush set, there are quite of few brushes that Kienan created that are just a joy to use. Every person I’ve shown these to just fall in love with them! I’m sure you will too!

(Free/ $1) Yuumei’s Cloud Brushes 

  • I found these brushes years ago and I STILL use them. Expecially if I’m trying to fill up a space or create clouds. I found that they are also really good for creating fire as well! They have a tutorial on how to use the brushes. If you would like to donate to the artist, you can buy them for $1, otherwise you can get them free in the description box.

(Free) Daz 3d Studio

  • Daz 3d Studio is yet another great 3d posing program you can use as models for your drawings. It’s very intuitive and you can also morph your models as well! You can get away with using the basic assets that are provided. If you’re looking for something more specific, you can look in the store and buy them! I use this when I’m not able to completely nail something in Portrait Studio (though this could change with it’s recent updates). It’s biggest strength is it’s ability to pose any type of model you want.

Make sure to check out my latest class “Develop Your Own Unique Style” on Skillshare and put some of these resources to work!