Xaemia Rising


This project had a double purpose: one is to serve as a teaching tool to other artists and another is a gift for a friend. I aimed the target audience at people who were just starting digital art and didn’t have the steps to work in the medium.

I had to create a colorful piece that illustrated the steps of underpainting all the way to a finished product of my friend’s character. It was originally a birthday gift, so it was a surprise. The goal was to attract new students to my Skillshare page so more people could learn how to under paint and finish coloring their pieces. What made it challenging was that I had to actually list out all the steps I take to complete a project. Which was difficult for someone like me who changes the steps every few paintings.

My insight into the illustration process was used to complete this project. I approached this project by taking a line-art and filling out the base colors first. I then shaded the character before adding in a background to fill the rest of the illustration. After the shading was complete, I lit the subject with warm and cool colors to showcase the different light sources. The troubling part I came to was painting the dragons. I knew I wouldn’t be able to use my normal painting process in order to complete it. I painted with blending modes for the dragons since it would preserve the transparency. My strategy was to work fast and efficiently with fewer layers. I ended up merging down layers when they no longer needed to be separated once I was done with them. The results were over the moon. Not only did I create my first class on coloring for beginners, I reached 3,128 students in all that time!