Magnus RE:Set

Sascha Benda

The project was for a person named Sascha Benda. This was purely a passion project, so they had no intention of selling, but they were creating a game. Their target audience was themselves, so they were more interested in the game looking good to them. They had several art problems that needed to be faced. They needed character busts, promotional artwork, battle sprites, and pixel work.

Since there were so many artworks made for this one project, I will focus on the one that took the most time, which was the Character Busts. They wanted me to do it because they saw my art style and it matched the aesthetic they were going for. They wanted character busts in a range of different emotions to showcase to the player during dialogue. What was challenging about the project was that I had to create busts for both the right and left sides of the characters, since the designs were asymmetrical. 

I used my ability to plan and cut up the project into small chunks in order to meet self-imposed deadlines. I knew which parts would take longer for me to do and planned accordingly. My approach to the project was to make high-quality work in less time. I knew I could redraw each character pose, but it would take a longer time to do. I copied each bust and only changed what was necessary for each side. Like if there was only a change in the hand, I would keep the rest of the body the same but change the hand and render it. This was the same case for the left and right sides of the characters that I had to create. The results were exactly what the client wanted. Fully expressive busts that were not mirrored for the left and right side of the screen.