Tears of Morganna

DracoWyrm Media

The company I worked for was called DracoWyrm Media. They are an indie game developer that was working on a role-playing game. They tell fantastical stories that entice the player to keep playing to find out what happens next. The challenge they faced was they didn’t have enough artists to work on their project.

This project has several artworks done for it. I will refer to the character drawings that I completed for the client. I had to paint each character, reflecting their personality in a single drawing. They wanted me to do it because they believed in my ability to capture the character’s emotion from my past work. Their goal was to create a unique set of characters that people could relate to. What made the project challenging were the amount of characters that were called for. This is an ongoing project that I’m still working on.

I used my ability to tell stories through character body language in order to meet this project’s aim. The approach to this project was by drawing one character at a time. I thought maybe I could sketch them all out at once and then color them, but since the client was giving me the characters one at a time; I had to complete each one. The results were a thrilled customer! I’m continuing to get work from them even today.